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Who am I?

I believe that I spent years barking up the wrong tree on this question, imagining that there must be a definitive answer of the sort that I could learn… like the answer to an exam question -something that I could put down on paper or tell it you – or tell myself!

Of course I can give you all sorts of extraneous details like my name, who my parents are, where I grew up, what I ‘do’… But, at least for me, these all seem to be beside the point. The answer I’m looking for is essential and ‘internal’ and I can’t just tell you who I am in that sense. All I can do is introduce myself to you. That is because I am the answer to the question and I always have been, just as you are the answer to the corresponding question.

But who, in essence am I introducing to you? Here we go again! A very good question? I might answer it for you if you’d only tell me, essentially, with no frills, who you are! So shall we meet sometime?

A note of caution: Watch out for people who want to answer for you!