counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching, supervision

My Approach

Here are some of my working hypotheses:

  • That whatever issues you bring, you also bring the potential for working through those issues successfully
  • That the better your life expresses you, the happier and more rewarding it will be for you
  • That you carry in you a natural impulse to evolve and grow – both inwardly and in your external life.

I chose to train in Psychosynthesis because of its profound, undogmatic approach to transforming daily life, and because of how it unites imagination with common-sense.

For many years I was a member of the therapist team of the Blackthorn Trust, a RudolfSteiner-inspired medical trust associated with an NHS practice in Maidstone. The clients the Blackthorn GP’s sent to me acquainted me with a very wide range of physical, spiritual and psychological issues.

As a member of the BACP, I follow the BACP’S professional ethical code and am subject to their complaint procedures.