counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching, supervision

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Life-Coaching
and Supervision

Counselling provides you with an ally as you move along your life’s path. It gives you a confidential, non-jundgmental space where you can freely explore what is going on in your life and relationships  -where you can say the unsayable and think the unthinkable. There you can work through confusions and weigh difficult decisions; There you can come to terms with past and present trauma and loss. There you can find your way through inner obstacles such as stress, anxiety and depression, and through low self-esteem, guilt, or persistent outbursts of anger and frustration. The counselling journey may concentrate on immediately pressing issues and be as brief as 6 or 7 sessions. Or it can be longer, exploring in depth aspects of your personality, or the whole course of you life, or look at the key motives and intentions that guide your choices. The aim is for you to take effective charge of your life and be more fulfilled by it. The process, to be successful, will require commitment and courage from you, for it can be emotionally and intellectually challenging.

When your past is strongly influencing – perhaps distorting – what you are currently doing and experiencing, counselling naturally shades over into psychotherapy. It then becomes helpful to look more deeply into your past, perhaps uncovering motives, influences and assumptions that you had not been aware of before. When your perception of your past changes your sense of yourself changes. Then the work you are doing begins to transform your relationship to your present and your future as well as to others and to the world.

When the emphasis is on our future  – our goals and our plans for achieving them – counselling shades over into life coaching. Like other sorts of coach, your life-coach helps you to work out your goals and accomplish them.

A supervisor supports his or her supervisees with their – usually professional – work. For example, if my supervisee is a counsellor, which most of them are, our work is concerned with the well-being of their clients, with their professional practice, and with their own professional development and life as a counsellor.